A la demande de MATHAJI YOGANANDAMAYI , BALACHANDAR , un de ses proches disciples partage avec vous le PELERINAGE au SEIGNEUR AYYAPPA à SABARIMALA avec AMMA et SWAMIJI ... Je vous en donnerai ci-dessous la traduction en français ...


Pre-requisites for Sabarimala pilgrimage


·                    Wearing of mala in the presence of a deity in temple or Guru


·                    Taking a vow to lead a pious and pure life for 48 days.  Maintenance of celibacy is of core importance.


·                    Bathing two times a day and chant the names of Lord Ayyappa before eating


·                    On completion of 48th day, there is a ritual where raw rice, coconut filled with ghee is tied up in a bag (Irumudi in Tamil) and this has to be carried till one reaches the temple through 18 steps**


·                    18 steps before the main deity [Lord Ayyappa] are considered as holy and devotees with the bag of ghee only are permitted in this entrance. Others to have darshan through side entrance.


·                    After completion of darshan, the mala has to be removed in the presence of Guru


Note **: This is only for spiritual aspirants who are seeking to attain purity and devotion.  Swamiji and Amma do not carry such bag.


To reach Sabarimala


The access through road is only till we reach the holy river Pampa.  After this, the thirteen kilometers have to be travelled either by foot or by palanquin (called as Doli with top open).   Elders, physically challenged people avail doli facility and Saints whose presence in this earth is precious are offered doli facility.  Amma and Swamy travel by Doli normally.



About our pilgrimage with Amma and Swamiji - Day by day


February 13, 2009



A group of 106 persons started for pilgrimage to Sabarimala on.  Morning session was filled with bhajans and chanting of Lord Ayyappa while arranging the bags for all 106 devotees.  The train was scheduled to depart at 17.30 hours from Chennai.  Devotees thronged to Railway station to seek the blessings of Swamiji and Amma before their Sabarimala trip. On the way, a group of people from a village called ‘Valavanoor’ in Tamilnadu make it a point to have the darshan of Swamiji and Amma (in the train) on their way to Sabarimala. Amma usually narrates her experience or listen to devotees or listening to bhajans sung by devotees during the journey.







February 14, 2009


We reached the town known as “Tirunelveli” in Tamilnadu on at 06.00 am.  Two buses were arranged to pick up the entire group to travel towards Sabarimala.  On the way, we reached Vivekananda Kendra in Kanyakumari, one of the important spiritual places in India.  Bathing and breakfast was completed.  After photo session with Swamiji the journey continued.



To some body’s observation on ‘Valentine day’, Swamiji responded that we have come to Kanyakumari only to celebrate this. (Goddess Kanyakumari appears in her young hood and remains unmarried.)


On the way, lunch was arranged in a place called ‘Vadeeveeswaram’ near Tirunelveli town.  Devotees rested for a while and started around 03.30 pm to reach a place called Kottarakkara in Kerala at 21.30 hours for night stay and dinner.  There is a temple to Lord Shiva in this town where Lord Ganesha has excelled in popularity. 


On February 15, 2009



Early morning Swamiji and Amma visited this temple accompanied by few devotees.  After completing the breakfast, the journey continued and we reached the holy river Pampa by 12.00 noon.  We proceeded our pilgrimage to Sabarimala and all reached the main temple in the time span of 2- 4 hours.  Amma and Swamiji reached through doli facility.  After darshan of Lord Ayyappa, all assembled in common halls. Accommodation was arranged for two days in Sabarimala.  Few devotees took the responsibility of preparing the dinner and all were served food.



On February 16, 2009


Swamiji and Amma, accompanied by few devotees, had the darshan of Lord Ayyappa through side entrance. Devotees love and await two activities while there stay at Sabarimala.  One is having lunch with Swamiji and Amma and the other is to listen to their speech. Lunch (feast) was served where everyone enjoyed the presence of Swamiji and Amma.


In the evening around 18.00 hours speech was scheduled.



Amma gave a brief message that union of like minded people for a common objective is a bliss which is the objective of Satsung. 


Swamiji referred to the twin priciples ‘austerity and love’, which forms the main theme of Sabarimala pilgrimage.  One without the other will not help a man to reach his goal. Through this process, a reverence is felt for a particular abode of God and love blossoms on the deity ruling there.







On February 17, 2009


All started our journey back to holy river Pampa and assembled around 08.00 am. The weather was very chill and filled with fog.  Amma used her shawl to protect from the weather.  Bus proceeded towards Kanyakumari where we had a nice dinner in the canteen of Swami Vivekananda Kendra.  This organisation was formed in memory of the great Monk of India, Swami Vivekananda, who meditated for days together in the rock (in the sea) near to the temple of Goddess Kanyakumari. 




After the dinner, devotees got some time to chat with Swamiji to share their experiences and clear their doubts. Swamiji answered all the questions patiently. Swamiji also described the life of a Saint Mayi, who lived in Kanyakumari thirty years before. 


She was in a state of Avadoota (no sense of having dresses) and whenever anyone wants to have her darshan, gentle breeze would flow to push the dry leaves around her to cover the waist.  This happened automatically. She rarely took food though people used to offer her food.  She was always surrounded by dogs”. 


On February 18, 2009



Swamiji and Amma, group of devotees were set to see the beauty of sun rise in the beach.  After this, all had the darshan of Goddess Kanyakumari temple located in the sea shore.  Adjacent to the temple is the place where a Saint by name Mayi (people call Mayamma) lived.  Even today, we observed four dogs sleeping in her hut.  After completing breakfast, we proceeded to see the following temples located within 25 kilometers from Kanyakumari.


·                    Temple of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma (Sri Thanumalayan) where Lord Anjaneya is very popular (scanned copy of the photo is attached).  This place is known as ‘Suchindram’.


·                    Nagercoil (Temple of Nagar serpent)

SWAMIJI on the way


In Suchindram, Amma along with devotees sang Ram Nam and bhajans in the presence of Lord Anjaneya.


After completing darshan, all returned to Vivekananda Kendra for lunch and getting ready to board the evening train. Some of the devotees went to see the spots ‘Vivekananda rock’ and ‘giant statute of divine poet Thiruvalluvar’ (travel by boat). All boarded the train around 16.30 hours and reached Chennai on February 19, 2009 at 07.00 am.